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About Us

We are an international, multidisciplinary, and professional team.

Our core strengths are adaptability and communication. We work with clients from all over the world. We plan, design, and execute. Our objective is not only to accomplish any given project, but to accompany our clients on their path to growth.


Our Story

Our history traces back to 2014, when we received our first project ever, working from a laptop in a college dorm. We slowly evolved through many stages, names and forms until we finally founded Venxel, our start-up branding agency in 2018. At first we only relied on a few clients, but with the passing of time, our client portfolio kept growing, receiving more and more international clients to work with. Initially, we focused solely on branding design, but with the incorporation of new talents, Venxel expanded its horizons to Websites, Packaging Designs, Advertising, and Content Creation, powering our growth. What makes us unique is that we work remotely from all parts of the world to the whole wide world!

We are not just a design team, we are Venxel: the new generation of digital creators and multimedia developers.

Meet The Team

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